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The Complete Peter & Pan Trilogy | Omnibus EN

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The complete “Peter & Pan” trilogy is finally available as an omnibus!

The complete life of Peter Pan, summarized in three volumes:

  • Peter & Pan: How Peter Became Pan | By Dimitri Balcaen | Part 1
    How far would you go to save your child? For James Barrie and his crew, the answer to that question was simple: As far as it takes. Follow them on their quest that takes them from England to a never-never land, where they must contend with natives, mermaids and gods from days gone by. Brave these dangers with them and discover once and for all how Peter Pan became.
  • Peter & Wendy: The Original Story | By James Barrie | Part 2
    Hundreds of years have passed since the events of “Peter & Pan. The Neverland of then cannot be compared to the island of today. The natives have left the path of peace. The last lost boys cling to their youth. And James? We now call him Captain Hook. In his search for new friends, Pan stumbles upon the curious Wendy Darling and her brothers John and Michael. Soon he decides to take them with him, which will lead to the greatest adventure of their lives.
  • Peter & Hook: The final days | By Dimitri Balcaen | Part 3
    Everything comes to an end, even Neverland. After defeating Hook and leaving Wendy, Peter was never the same. The tentative balance he and Pan had found no longer held. As a result, he withdrew from the world and fact eventually turned into myth. That world, meanwhile, did not stand still. In the 21st century, Moira Darling, Wendy’s last descendant, is visited by a fairy who drags her into an unexpected adventure.

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